Into The Wild

Into the wild and away from the norm. I’ll go distances, many journeys to feel reborn.

As each day starts, a first breath is inhaled. A new experience is ahead, waiting to be discovered.

Turning over every leaf, not leaving one stone uncovered.

As the night falls the exhale can be heard, silent purrr, is what it is for sure.

Into the wild has brought me to the edge. Signs point to a couple different views.

One is to free fall out into the unknown, the other is to climb upward, to become airborn.

Into the wild is a life lived without chains, without strings, without barriers… It’s all the same.

Into the wild, live free like a bird. Where life can be heard thru silence, no sound.

Where love can be felt in space, without any contact with the ground.

Into the wild is a place without walls. A place with no structure, only vast halls.

Let you guide your being to the place that awaits, this place that is safe, freeing, and infinitely has grace.

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