Go Ahead, Open it

The door is there for a reason, it’s to keep the outside from the inside and to let people in. It’s there to be the mediator for the insider to consider the outsider . It’s there to let people out and to let them leave, I wonder if the door has some other life meaning?

The door can be compared to the connection between people. The door may be the reflection of someone closed off , someone that has locked themselves in or locked someone out.

Being the separation between peoples connections and relationships , guarding the self , not opening it up unless you’re feeling ready.

The powers given to the door are quite hefty . We believe it’s here to keep us safe, to keep us inside and out of the way, to keep us separated from things and protect us from harms way.

The power of the door is an illusion. I’d say and we are beyond reliant on the door to keep them away or allow them in maybe for a quick stay.

Few times will we have to choose what door we want to open, when given the chance.

First we have to believe there is something behind each door maybe our future, our past, and our present moments sit behind each one.

The door is usually the separation between two things and these two things are Self and Ego. That door should always remain open, allowing the two to have freedom to be together . The more they connect without any barriers the more they become one, merging them into marriage. At that point is when you will discover the truth that the door was just an illusion maybe causing confusion.

Not every door is closed for this purpose but its better to leave it open to take in the energy of space and keep the heart open. There will be many doors in life that will have to be opened, and many more that will have to remain closed.

There may be times where you have too many choices or options. This is the time you take action, and turn the knob and you may just discover.

These doors have been locked without chance of opening.

Now you realize you’re defeated and you turn to walk away. You then hear a voice that says “ come this way” which is leading you to where there awaits a key.

Now the decision is which one do you open first? As that thought overwhelms you again you pace back n forth getting a feel or looking for a sign telling you which one to open.

There it is.. you stop in front of your door hoping the key will turn to only show you more. The excitement is there and you turn the key, the door opens and there is nothing there! You try all the doors and they are empty too.

You’re a bit confused but what can you do? You turn to leave and you see the writing on the floor.

It’s says “ yes it’s hard to pick your door and you did so much to get that key to unlock to see. Although you tried and it didn’t match what you thought you’d find.” You actually now realize that you are on the other side , you were there all along and the key to those doors were for you to exit.

This is something like saying “stop to smell the roses” not everything is as it may seem and to be fully present and bring awareness to enjoy your moments, that maybe the wrong side of the door is the right side. Take time to realize that it may be better on the other side but you also have to realize you had been there once before and you are now on the right side which is what the choice was before.

So stop using the door to enter into the life you choose. Enjoy the door for what it is ..protection from outsiders, protection to insiders and also let it be the one object that may give you peace of mind knowing the decision may seem difficult but it’s far from that. Enjoy your space no matter what side you’re on.

The door is an illusion to what may or may not be. It’s the mind that has to be opened up.

With this mindset it now becomes the key, the power of the mind will open and close many, many doors .

Essentially keeping an OPEN mind will open up doors for your life that you’ve yet to discover.

Keeping a CLOSED mind will close you off from new opportunities, it will limit the life you deserve to live and it will lock you out of your very own life .

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