Nothing is Something… it’s Nothing

“We see things as we are, not as they are.” ~Anaïs Nin

To look the other way in the right direction.

Looking for something to grasp, looking for some sort of connection.

What is it that I’m looking for? What is the view I need to fill my soul.

Something out there, has to be something , I don’t know. Has to be something or somewhere for me to go.

Looking the other way in the right direction, I am now seeing the love and affection.

I’m seeing a mirror with a visible reflection. I can see a light, an aura, a beautiful being in no need of correction.

Looking deeper and beyond the light I see myself as the aura, my eyes are full of life and looking just right.

Just beyond that stare I see myself moving without fright.

I see myself now as a beautiful bright light, a flare is all. A self, a being, so right with perfection.

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