Stand To Understand

Understanding someone or something is pure, it’s genuine. Its shows that you care, that you’re non judgmental, & you’re in connection with that being or place.

Understand yourself better as well, know that you’re bigger and brighter than your thoughts.

Understand that you are who you chose to be, this choosing happened at birth. It’s always been your choice, no one else controls that.

Understand the true meaning of you, it’s not about where you’re going (RESULTS), it’s about how you’re going to get there (EXPERIENCES). This should all be done through love.

Understand that you are doing the right thing, you are in the right place, you’re with the right people, and it IS the right time. If you feel it is not then you must understand that you have the FREEDOM to fly, to soar, into the “Right“, whatever that may be for you.

Understand that you are loved, cared for, appreciated, never alone,& taken care of, if not by self or others then by spirit.

Begin to and always know that your true essence is derived from the spirit, not from others. Once you truly understand that you’ll live through LOVE, not fear, not ego, not falsehoods.



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