Written on 1/13/19 when the realization had set in that I had changed my way of being and I was still finding balance. (This comes from a place of playful humor with a splash of seriousness)

To lose connection with my being has been traumatic, and a heavy shock.

I’ve traded my ZEN for the HOG PEN and I know not for long. I’m determined to REGROUP and fly this COUP.

I didnt realize I was so content on my OWN, sending my love inward, in a ZEN ZONE.

I guess in a sense I traded my PEACE for a PAY INCREASE!

I continue to search for the WORK- LIFE-BALANCE I KNOW, I sure hope I find it before I BLOW.

Slow and steady is OK, as long as I progress and get out of my own WAY.

Energetically I’ve lost and found my way BACK, I guess this is best for me, although it’s still WHACKED.

My purpose is enlightenment and to be at peace WITHIN, I’ll do whatever it takes to get there, even if it means SIN.

I see beyond basic, I see what I NEED, it’s to send myself love and to know I’M COMPLETE

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