Take Me With You

I know this may seem out of the blue but take me with you.

No I don’t care where “there” is, just take me with you.

I know when we go the life I’ve always wanted to live will be there if you take me with you.

I know the sun will rise sooner and set later. I imagine a place I see in my dreams, where the moon has a beautiful glow and can hear my thoughts.

It will be an open space to dance with the stars and tell you my dreams. I’ll share them with you if you take me with you.

I’ll tell stories of the past and share things I’ve experienced. I’ll look into our future and know we’ll be happy, free, and safe.

Just take me with you, don’t leave me behind. Let’s go to that place that is beautiful and divine.

The place that is always in my dreams, this place I’ll know when I see it, the place that I’ll begin to realize the significance it brings.

Just take me with you so I can continue to grow, grow into the life and love that I know this place holds.

If I wake up and you’ve gone on your own I’ll still cherish the idea of someone I used to know. Someone who used to shine bright like gold, so bright creating a blinding glow.

I’ve been left behind and that is now fine. I’ll go to this place in my dream and see that I’m better on my own.

Take me with you, I now see the truth, realizing it’s me speaking to myself and I’ll go at this alone.

I’ll bring myself to this place, showing up in my life and living within my own space.

This life for me will be filled with adventure and unconditional love.

So take me with you so I can fly high in the atmosphere and peer down from above.

Seeing my life from an aerial view, seeing how I’m free and enlightened and doing the things that I love to do.

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