Time to Take the Time

They say that time is of the essence, do we really know what that means?

I believe it can be deciphered in many ways. I’d say that it states that it’s needed now and by when.

The essence part is there to add urgency, ridding us of excuses to delay.

Time is put here to control part of our natural ways of being.

It’s been the control in our movements, our decisions, and our actions since the beginning of “time”. Do we really even know when that was? The beginning of time?!

With that being said let’s move forward in time to TAKE THE TIME to find out how we fill our time.

Let’s take control of the time and stop letting it control us. Reversal of thoughts is the key to change your mind, which will change your time in this dimension.

I’ve always been a wild child (free spirit), free from controls and time restrictions.

I’ve left certain ways of being and communicating such as:

“time is flying”

“time to settle down”

“time to make a change”

I’m in the mindset that “the time is now”, should only ever be now- with this way of thinking the thoughts become the actions and those actions change us and shift us into a place of living for the now , not the later.

Let’s start living for ourselves now, not for who we think we wanna be later.

Tic Tock…the clock will never stop. The seconds become minutes and turn into hours. Those hours become weeks and grow into months.

In all that time the most important moments or seconds may have been lost, those are the ones that fly by, the ones that get over looked, that mean the most.

Take the Time to Love

Take the Time to Laugh

Take the Time to Talk

Take the Time to Shine

Take the Time for yourself, get to know yourself.

When all the time in the world is gone it’ll be clear that the most important time, which is now, has left you with the feeling of knowing you took the time for yourself to just be free of that restriction of “time”.

You’ll remain free in a timeless world.

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