Real Visions-Teller of Truth

I am a warrior for love and peace. Fighting battles and blocks-charging through with positive force, constant love and encouragement from within.

I am the most important person in my life.

I am the most important person in my cats lives.

I am the most important person in others lives.

I am proud of my accomplishments. I acknowledge all of the things I’m doing and treating all of them as the greatest importance and of equal value. Not one thing I do goes unnoticed. I see myself from all angles, in all lights, at all times as great-accomplished-magnificent.

I am the light on the brightest day. I am the light on the darkest day-everyday I am the Light.

I am bright with ideas, insights, & dreams!

People are drawn to me because of my Light, my energy. They see in me what I see in myself- “Light Energy”. I am capable of transforming energy.

I am the most creative then, now , and always. I have a unique talent that is inspiring, entertaining, admired, & sought after.

I make everything happen with my ideas by putting them into physical form with my hands. Everything I create is Golden, perfect, and one of a kind.

I live fully present and aware. I live with intention and purpose. I never regret-only learn. I learn from self and from others.

I believe in myself and know that I’m making a difference. I have a huge impact on the world around me. I show appreciation and gratitude always.

I am rich in love, rich in health, rich in wealth. I have everything I need/want. My life is a success.

I am showing up in life as dependable, accountable, supportive, & supported.

I take one day at a time to be fully aware and present. I am patient. I live outside of fear, outside of Ego.

I travel to learn- to explore-to appreciate life. I have opportunities to travel anywhere-anytime.

I love to express myself thru music, dance, art, creative writing, makeup, and crafts.

My outer beauty reflects my inner beauty. My smile lights up a room and explains my personality. I make people laugh with my wit. I am approachable.

I stand tall and make eye contact. I let people know they’re appreciated and they have value. I let myself know I’m appreciated and have value.

I communicate in a clear and defined way. People listen to what I have to say and I’m impactful.

I am ok with not being ok at times. I recognize it and move with it and through it with the many tools and information I have learned along the way.

I don’t settle. I’d rather have none than mediocre.

I am Love and act out of love always. Love is my language.

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