In the Eyes of the Beholder

Yes I can walk on water, in the winter when it’s turned to ice.

Yes I can fly, when I’m strapped to a parachute after jumping out of a plane.

Yes I’ll write a book, just as soon as I sit down and begin to tell my story.

Yes I can bring peace on earth, I’ll continue to meditate, read philosophy, and remember that its starts from within.

Was today a good day? Yes every day is good when I have my health, shelter, and love.

Am I ok with being alone? Yes it’s a choice and I’m not alone, I have plenty of friends and family, but yes I’m a loner.

Will I make a difference one day? Yes the differences I’ve made are in action today and will continue to be every day… one day is every day.

Who do I want to be? Exactly who I am now, inside a place of continued growth, receiving much wisdom.

Will I travel the world? Yes- when not physically, I will through imaginings, reading, and learning on my own.

Does true love exist? Yes I’m reminded every day when I practice self love.

There are many ways to see things in our lives. What we want, what we need, what we have, or don’t have.Who we are or who we think we want to be.

At this day and many days before and to come I’m choosing to see my life as the full accomplishment, as the person I am at my full potential.

If I appreciate who I am and what I’ve become in the present moment I’ll realize that I’m living my potential for each moment, and the accomplishments are small wins that make up my entire life as the whole, leading to the person I am in this exact moment.

Dream big, dream small- it doesn’t matter. The act of dreaming in itself is the accomplishment and the most important step in guaranteeing that you live the life you want at your full potential.

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