The Dreamers Disease

I’ve got the Dreamers Disease, its infiltrated my being..bringing me to my knees

On my knees I look up, seeing the sky is the limit

Not looking for a cure, the feeling I have is not too much to handle, it’s a feeling that is so pure. Every second of every minute, a feeling I’ll forever endure

I’ve got the Dreamers Disease, as the dreams come true I begin to ease. Ease away from what was once unknown and into the boundless breeze

Being swept up and blown into infinity, where it will remain

Once a dream and once a thought that has come true, going beyond the limit of any doubt. The Dreamers Disease will cause a silent shout, one that will be heard by the universe.. one that will never be reversed

The only medication will be the dreamers dedication. Keeping the dreams coming will for sure make me feel better, yet I will feel my best when my dream is put to the test

The dreams are becoming the gift to my life, now a life lived, no longer at rest

A life I’d say that is truly Blessed

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