Memories can last a lifetime and Moments can last as long. The moments that last forever are memories that belong with us for however long that may be.

Each one of us has those moments and mine belong to me.

To live within each present moment a memory will be guaranteed, as long as you realize that being present you’ve now planted a seed within the soul.

As we live our lives we receive more energy to watch our soul grow, knowing that each day it’ll flourish and suddenly we’ll behold.

Behold such beauty and force that we now can see the truth, that the moment we had moments ago was energy for our soul.

So take these moments and turn them into a lifetime of love.

First love for self, self-compassion, and inner peace.

With this inward love you’ll soon be able to see that loving others authentically , with compassion, will be an effortless way of being.

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